Closed Groups - filter not working

The filters on the Groups page all work, except Closed Groups (/groups?type=close) - which does not filter down the list at all.

In example below, all groups are Private groups, none are closed… even if there are closed groups, no filtering down to them.

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@Osama can you repro this and fix?

I’m unable to reproduce this here on Meta or my local dev environment. When I filter by closed groups it shows me the right groups. See here:

Note: filtering by closed groups will display the groups that have this option turned off

so that may include groups that are private if the user has permission to see these groups.


Got it thanks! A private group is also a closed group, so filtering to “Closed Groups” will show both “Private Groups” and “Closed Groups”.


That’s correct. I forgot to mention that automatic groups are excluded.