Closed topics on a migrated site being ignored by Google?

In inspecting the “Crawled - currently not indexed” topics in Google Search Console, all of the not indexed topics are closed. Is it expected that closed topics will be excluded from search engines?

That doesn’t seem right. What am I missing?

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Try searching for specific text in the closed topics using Google.

Well, now I’m more confused. I did a search for some text on of a closed topic here and on the site I’m examining. Both of the Google searches found the desired page.

Google says:

But the page that it lists as “not indexed” shows up when I do a search.

Maybe Google doesn’t know what pages it has indexed.

Are the URLs identical?

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I’m seeing a lot of “Crawled - currently not indexed” on our site, but most of them are not closed.

When I search for the specific text, the topics show up in the search results, however it’s showing the old url (for which we have redirects in place) before we switched from subdomain to subfolder install. The redirects are implemented as 301’s so I guess it’s google taking it’s time to update it’s index.

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That would explain it!

But it doesn’t. I tested several. Darn.

Per the above, is this some kind of migrated site? You should have mentioned that if so…

Yes. It’s migrated, fairly long ago (>6 months). The URLs in question are Discourse URLs, not from Ning. Also the sitemap plugin is installed.

Edit: So that’s a yes, @neemiasvf. :wink:

Well, unless you can repro a problem with the real live searches, I’m not clear what the actual problem is here.

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Agreed. Given that the “not indexed” urls are showing up in actual searches, it seems like a bug with Google, if anything.

Hey @pfaffman,

Are you using the sitemap plugin?

I’m not seeing any problems in my Search Console.

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He literally answered that two posts above yours… :wink:

Anyways… I feel this has to do with 301 redirects as speculated by @vincentp


Sorry. I missed it. :facepalm: