Closing down site and redirecting its traffic to another

(Vaibhav Mule) #1

Eventually, I want to close down the forum, but for now, I want to redirect some of the forum URL to my WordPress website.


From Volunteers for CSClub Forum and Blog - Jobs - Company Secretary Club
To Volunteers for CSClub Forum and Blog - CS Club

How can I achieve this with current setup, is there any plugin for it?

Also, while redirecting to a new site I want to show to users that they are getting redirected to the new site if it is possible.

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Do you have a list of to & from URLs?

(Vaibhav Mule) #3

Yes, I have it. How can redirect it?

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

Take this stackoverflow example. You can simply make a html page and keep it on the old domain’s webserver with Your default “You’re being redirected” message and use the logic in answer 1 to redirect user to the new link based on the URL they visit.

(Vaibhav Mule) #5

How will I be able to do current setup where Discourse is installed. Because I do not want to close the immediately but eventually I will close it

(Bhanu Sharma) #6

Discourse does not support URL forwarding afaik.
what you could do is update the relevant posts with the links to new discussion and then as you decide to depreciate the forum, you may simply configure a web server with the forwarding code.

(Vaibhav Mule) #7

Yeah, configuring server can be done. I was looking if it is possible to URL redirection with current setup.

BTW, Thanks.