Cloudflare DNS found problem when turn on toggle

I need support to fix the error 552 when I using Cloudfalre’ NDS as photos:
Site loading found error 552

Cloudflare settingup


The easy answer is to turn off the orange cloud. The harder option is to search here to see which CloudFlare speed-ups are compatible with Discourse.

Thanks brother, another way could you help us a good topic. I am just a newbie.
Hope you share more!

Start by disabling the options under the Cloudflare ‘speed’ tab, most importantly anything that compresses JavaScript:

  • Auto Minify
  • Rocket Loader

In addition, disable the Brotli compression.

Brotli compression may also cause problems in some cases, but for us it seems to work ok. This was incorrect; enabling Brotli broke or slowed down many of the real-time feedback mechanisms on our site.