CNAME or A dns record?

I Guess it’s done. Maybe try flushing your dns cache.
Ps: it’s a Good idea to force https :wink:


Huzzah! Just checked it this morning.

What does it mean to “force https”? (eli5)

Once you have completed the setup wizard, You can log in and visit the admin section.
Under the settings tab, search force https there will be a setting to enable and force https sitewide.

:warning: Please ensure Your site is accessible over https before enabling force https

I’m suggesting to do that as your site was accessible over http when I tried to visit it but it is a good idea to switch it to https for better security and compatibility.

My site is encrypted too:

Did you used the docker installation method to set up discourse? seems like your site is not accessible over https.

i did use the docker installation method, yes, but i have not yet forced https. Is that the issue?

The issue is that you may have ignored or forgot to fill in the letsencrypt email durng the setup process. That caused your forum to not configure https.

You may want to look at the following article:

i DID ignore that. You’re right.

And the reason i ignored it is because, iirc, the prompt was “enter your Let’s Encrypt username and password.”

i installed some Let’s Encrypt certs on my sites (for the first time in my life… very proud of myself) just a couple of weeks ago.

But when i returned to the Let’s Encrypt site, there’s no… i mean, there’s no “Login” button, no registration process that i could see… and their Getting Started page launches right into ssh and CPanel and all kinds of other nonsense.

So maybe it was a disconnect between what setup was asking me for and what it appeared the Let’s Encrypt site could provide, but i skipped that step, hoping that i could revisit it later. Am i hosed now?

It clearly says “enter letsencrypt email”

Not really, follow the tutorial I gave above and you’re good to go.

i feel super-dumb on a couple of scores.

Is it asking for an email that i am already using in conjunction with the Let’s Encrypt site, or an email that i want to use with Let’s Encrypt? i just don’t understand at which part of the process LE gets and stores my email address to use for this purpose (now or later?)

In that tutorial, it tells me to relaunch my container name. i feel extremely dumb here, but i can’t remember what my container name is. (Container of what? i’ve lost the plot entirely). Feels like i have named many, many things during this whole process. Is there somewhere i can display the container name so i know what to use?

Discourse will automatically register an account with Let’s Encrypt for you. Just enter your address here, this is e.g. where Let’s Encrypt will send warnings when your certificate is about to expire.

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You are supposed to run:
cd /var/discourse
and when You are greeted with that letsencrypt email field, just enter your email id there.

Answering my own question:

docker ps lists the containers. My container was called “app.”

Bhanu, that’s not what the guide you linked me to says. The guide tells me to go in and edit the yml file, and then rebuild the container. (!!)

This is mentioned in the third paragraph from top.


Anyway, back to the original problem:

When you go through the setup, it says “Let’s Encrypt account email?”

That’s the step that i originally found confusing. Not sure if it’s a wording thing, but this implies that i need a Let’s Encrypt account, and i need to enter my account email. i (knowing as little as i do) went to the site to try to register an account there, which didn’t appear to be an option, so i skipped this step.

That may be a typo but if you have installed letsencrypt earlier, you may be aware that it requires an email to send important notifications regarding your certificate expiring if it is unable to renew on it’s own.

for now, Let’s focus on enabling ssl on your site. :wink:

Yes, let’s! (and thank you for your help to this point)

Presently, gets me an nginx default page. :frowning: Two steps back.

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Opens fine here.

Now, you can enable force https in admin panel.

ps: it takes a few moments after you see nginx page before the forum shows up.