Coin-hive for visitors not logged in. Possible?

(Roland) #1

Looking at the option of coin-hive api for revenue but would only want it to affect visitors that are not logged into the site. Would this even be possible on discourse?

(Slind) #2

Please do the math, a single display banner will earn you at least 10 times the amount coin hive does.
Its usually a < 0.01$ CPM.

(Roland) #3

Actually from people testing it out are saying they have equal if not greater returns on coin-hive even running at 5% cpu.

(Slind) #4

I don’t know where you got that from. Even coin hives faq is stating that it isn’t worth it in most scenarios. There are also some numbers so you can do the calculations your self.

(Roland) #5

There’s alot of people testing it within the Monero communities online. Writing individual blogs and such as well people working on open source versions already.

Community is split on ethical side of this and making it better in which it doesnt affect much on the user side.