Collaborative editing and Diff view



I’ve setup a conference (category) where we use topics to collaboratively edit documents: each post is a section of the document, and a wiki. Unfortunately, it’s a bit complicated to follow changes. Is there a way, or how would you make it easier to display changes using the diff views on a topic?

The feature would be like a ‘topic diff view’, a bit like diff -u does, showing changes, e.g., since last visit. I would imagine a persistent ‘header’ showing either ‘no changes in existing posts since last visit’, or ‘N lines changed since last visit: click to view’.

This manner of using a Discourse topic has proven very useful to work on large documents that require fast collaboration over a short period of time, such as drafting reports, documentation sprints, or application documents. Previously, our focus group would use Google Docs for the comment features and the easily viewable changes (a bit like Etherpad, but easier to visualize on the long term), and we’d like to confirm use of Discourse for this kind of usage. (IOW: using a topic as a document draft rather than a discussion thread).

Did you work on such a feature, or would you be interested in using Discourse that way?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This already exists more or less, look at the edit pencil at the upper right of each post. It will be brighter red if there were recent edits, or dim black if no edits were recent. It also shows the current total edit count.

(Hmm, thinking about it more, you lose the “brightness” of recent edits on wiki I suppose since the whole thing is green then?)

(Kane York) #3

Was this actually fixed? Last I remember, it measured (edit_created - post_created), not (edit_created - now).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It has worked the last few times I have seen it.