Collapsing post notifications?

(Nicholas Perry) #1

Love the instant responses, are you using comet?

I’m getting spammed in my first post on and so my notification feed looks like this:

“stilone replied to How do I upvote?
stilone replied to How do I upvote?
stilone replied to How do I upvote?”

Is it possible to collapse this down into “stilone replied to How do I upvote? (3)” or something less annoying? I could see this getting out of control.

Also, what are the chances of all the discourse pages being linked together ala stackexchange/reddit style systems. I could see there be a lot of noise otherwise. - especially if this is planned to get big. I noticed that meta and try don’t seem to share notifications.

(Jason) #2

Try and meta are separate Discourse forums that are merely hosted together. Eventually they plan to offer paid hosting of Discourse forums and it wouldn’t make sense to have have gaming forum ABC’s notification system (or anything else beyond globally registered usernames) linked up with the one on company XYZ’s official forum.

(Nicholas Perry) #3

So what you are saying is that there is a need for a discourse utility that harvests activity via the api’s and show it via a chrome extension?

(Jason) #4

No… not sure where you got that, I’m just saying they’re separate forums and it doesn’t make sense to link separate forums together. I suppose something like that would be nice if you wanted all your Discourse forums connected to one interface in Chrome but as for the actual websites themselves they shouldn’t be linking to another forum’s content in any way.

(Nicholas Perry) #5

Well, not not content, but it would be nice to have one central account or arbiter to keep everything in sync. It used to be separate ala stackoverflow vs superuser etc. Integrating everything together made everything much more usable. The last thing I need is a million separate places to check for updates.

(Jason) #6

Problem is this is general use forum software. If it was all sub domains thereby really just one website it would be a bit of a different story. Think about something like phpBB, they’d never even consider linking forums for a reason. Even if most casual sites don’t care, once you have some users having notifications from appearing in the notification feed on for users who happen to use both suddenly that company will consider it a big problem.

Besides that’s the point of email notifications after all, getting quick notification of important updates in one place.

(Doug Moore) #7

I showed this to my brother who is a regular on a half-dozen forums. The first thing he said was, “It would be great if I could get notifications for all my forums in one place.”

I think if you want to see a product that DOES put the notifications in one place, look at Disqus. Each site doesn’t let you know about another site, but there is somewhere you can go that aggregates your notifications.

(Nicholas Perry) #8

I’m more thinking something like an RSS feed reader system… the company would just publish an open feed that you could tap into with a discourse enabled client.

(Jason) #9

I think the idea of having a central place to view notifications is different from what I was talking about. I agree that it would be kinda cool to have notifications all together just so long as it is in a separate centralized location whether that is on or some sort of third party tool that hooks into discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Yes definitely. We want to do more collapsing / roll-ups of notifications and we have not gotten there yet.

Collapsing at the topic level is certainly a no brainer. Others here are discussing collapsing at the multiple-forum level which to me is a totally different topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

I moved a post to a new topic: What development process do you use at Discourse?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

This is finally implemented, e.g.

Note “3 replies” there. Hooray!