Collecting data on registration for display later

(Aaron Bell) #1

Has anyone created a dropdown option on user signup that offers options a,b,c,d?

I plan to do this and would like to query this option and present on a page the amount of each option selected.

What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You can create custom profile fields with a set of responses (a, b, c). Displaying totals got can easily do with the days Explorer plugin, but putting them on a page everyone can see is more complicated.

(Aaron Bell) #3

I guess my vision is to visualize and categorize the comnunity on a landing page.

I probably wouldn’t attempt to build it until I got >50 users but I think its a great feature.

Landing page idea:

Community name

A vibrant community of people interested in…

This many people are (option a)
This many people are (option b)
This many people are (option c)
This many people are (option d)

Click here to sign up!


I like the idea and it’s simple enough to do.

I split this out from the data explorer topic. Do you have a specific question?

(Aaron Bell) #5

Well I havent started building my community but I was just gauging whether people thought it was doable. My barrier to entry right now is not knowing rails, I only know javascript (specifically node and express).

Im not too intimidated by working with ember.js on the front end, but working with a rails api definitely increases my barrier to getting started.

My assessment of this would just be a sql query to the db counting the values of certain inputs, Do you thnk that is correct?


Correct. I currently query data from custom fields using the data explorer plugin.

(Aaron Bell) #7

Would it be bad performance wise to query the db everytime someone loads the page?

Would that put a lot of stress on the db / effect performance?


Do you have this so users can see the query results or just yourself?