Combining wp-discourse with embed code?

(Kevin) #1

Hi! I’ve been using wp-discourse as a replacement for the default comments, and while the flexibility of the plugin is great for creating topics for new articles and associating the correct author to it, there’s been some problems with syncing the comments back to Wordpress (responses aren’t marked as such, certain images aren’t displaying, groups aren’t synced). Now, the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, so I’ve played around with the embed function of Discourse. This would indeed solve all of the mentioned problems, but falls short on linking the correct autor to the topic, a feature I’m quite fond of. Would it be possible to continue using the plugin for creating the topics, while using the embed code to pull the comments from them? With the current page URL in discourseEmbedUrl, the script wasn’t able to do that for existing topics, so I’m not shure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s simply not possible. Thanks in advance for your help.