Coming back to Discourse

(Ani) #1

I have not used Discourse for a long time but decided to come back to it as I am once again hosting a forum. Took me a while to set up as I had to create a proxy to get things working. But I am happy to finally be back to this forum. I’ve not been reading the digests so if any one missed me feel free to say hi, I also need to catch up on quite allot.

But I do have some questions…

  • Does Discourse work without Javascript or is it Javascript only?
  • How much would I be able to customize my Discourse install if I only know Javascript, HTML, and CSS?
  • …and is there an actual section for posts like this?

(Dave McClure) #2

Welcome back!

The #uncategorized category seems like the best place for the first paragraph.

For your two questions, may be better to ask them separately as individual topics in the #support category.


There’s extensive support for modifying the look and feel using Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Most style changes can be applied using CSS/SCSS alone, but occasionally you may need to use jQuery selectors to apply styles to areas that aren’t readily accessible with CSS selectors alone.

Here’s a screen grab from the current Admin panel from my test site, showing the CSS/HTML customisation section. The title is a little misleading in that you can also ad JS/jQuery etc and reference external scripts and CSS files. Note also that there is a dedicated mobile device section, meaning you can target mobile devices by placing your css/code in that section. Saves a lot of time and is actually a very cool feature.

(Ani) #4

Makes me unable to wait to start editing my site. I do hope to build it
into something more then just a forum though. Also I can’t help but wonder
what a Cat View looks like.


It looks like this - click through to view.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Sort of…it will load, and display topics, but there is no way to interact with the site. So no replying, no likes, no login, etc. Here is a screenshot of this topic:

(Luke S) #7

Don’t know if this will help your use case at all, but in the last few months there have been some refinements in how mailing list mode works. If you have users who can’t, for some reason, use a JS site, they can do pretty much all of their forum interaction through email.