Comment area - WP Discourse

(Rahul Ramesh) #1

Is not it possible to include a comment area in the wp-discourse plugin, so that people can comment from the wordpress itself. I mean, suppose a person sees a blog post from the forum, he/she visits the post, then to comment they have to click on the link and come back to the forum. So is it possible to implement a comment area? @codinghorror

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, the whole philosophy of Discourse is that you go to the community site to join in. Drive by commenting is not the goal.

(Rahul Ramesh) #3

Hmm, one more question, I was checking your blog and in this link - Your Community Door - blog - Coding Horror Discussion when we click on “show full post” it displays the entire blog post with the pics attached, I thought only excerpts could be displayed :open_mouth:
That is blog post right? Or is it forum topic? It is categorized under “blog”, hence the suspicion