Comment embedding omits "join the discussion" button when there are no replies

(znation) #1

I am following the embedding directions for a static site provided by @eviltrout. I have everything working and it’s awesome (thanks @eviltrout!). However, I’ve encountered what appears to be a UX bug: when the topic is empty (as it is initially for every new post), there is no way to “join the discussion” without going to the forum first.

When there are any replies, I see “1 reply”, followed by the replies, followed by a button to “Join the discussion” which links to the topic on Discourse.

When there are no replies, I see “0 replies”, and no “join the discussion” button. I think the button should still be there.

(Robin Ward) #2

I believe this was fixed in master a couple of days ago. Are you running the latest version?

(znation) #3

Ah – no, I’m on Good to know it’s fixed, thanks very much!!

(Robin Ward) #4