Comment from a user about topic editing / private image gallery

(Charles Walter) #1

Background: We have several categories where users create topics to keep a gallery of their images that they upload (for easier access in the future). They don’t really want other people to reply to these topics.

A user expressed frustration to me that when she edits her topic, it goes to the top of the category and that this encourages other users to respond - she asked me to see if we could at least have edits not bump up the order in the category home.

Anyhow, is there a suggestion on how we should advise users to handle this use case?

Are there settings in Discourse that perhaps could allow certain users to create their own closed topics?

Perhaps in the future there could be a page / tool in Discourse that allows users to easily access their previously uploaded images, and perhaps add images to their “library”. Not sure how useful this would be for other communities though.

Appreciate any feedback that the Discourse community can provide :slightly_smiling:

(Test edit)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Editing the last post will bump. Add another post so the edit is not on the last post. (Remember, last post equals first post for a topic with no replies…)


Just a quick and unglamorous thought from an insomniac middle of the night Londoner.

Would it be possible to hide the reply buttons on all posts that had a certain tag? A single line of jQuery will do it (not sure CSS alone will work as the tag is not part of the main post body - from memory).

It’s not the Discourse way but that’s how I’d approach it if had to get a quick fix up and running prior to a more appropriate solution being found. I’m using a similar solution to indicate when a topic’s images should be added to a custom carousel control and it works fine.

(Charles Walter) #4

Thx @codinghorror @ccdw for the thoughts. Very helpful.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Also maybe a private message to yourself, or to the @system user might be a better place for private stuff you don’t what others to respond to.

(Charles Walter) #6

Interesting idea @codinghorror. I’ll see what the user says about that.

(Mittineague) #7

Last I tested, Closed topics could not get any new replies but posts could be edited (if done within the edit time window)
But Archived topics could neither be replied to nor edited.

Maybe a “your online storage” category set to have a quick auto-close would work?