CommonMark changed the way I number lists


  1. this is a test
  • should be #2
  • should be #3

Looks like numbering has changed:


This has absolutely nothing to do with the composer style, check for yourself at

* denotes an un-numbered list, same as -

Previous implementation we had was buggy, current CommomMark implementation is working fine and as @codinghorror mentioned is according to spec.

If you wish to achieve something similar in CommonMark try:

1. test
1. test 
1. test
  1. test
  2. test
  3. test

Is this composer style available for our Discourse instances, or is it something unique to Meta? Searching “composer” in site settings shows nothing new.

It has not been merged into master / tests-passed yet. We wanted to work out all the kinks first. I believe the plan is to merge it Monday, but there’s no guarantee.