Community growth

(Max8000) #1

If anyone has any tips on growing your community please post them here. I love discourse and would like to get thousands of users at cheers.

(Michael Downey) #2

I’m not sure if it’s on-topic here or not … but if not, there’s a growing Discourse installation at where community managers gather to discuss these types of topics. :smile:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

You beat me to it! Seems 100% relevant to me.

(Charles Wilmott) #4

I’m using twitter at the moment. I’m getting the conversation on there. It’s just trying to get them to sign up to the forum. That’s the bit I still trying to workout?

As soon as you say “forum” to people. I think they have general association with old style forums platforms and are unaware of the benefits dissourse offers.

(Michael Downey) #6

We make an effort not to call our Discourse site a “forum” for the reasons you describe. :slight_smile:

(Alexandra) #7

Another great resource for tips on growing your community is Feverbee. They also run Discourse :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #8

I am seriously considering a huge renaming project myself, including subdomain etc to account for that…


Thanks Alexandra. :slightly_smiling:

@max8000 We spend half our lives at FeverBee discussing growth (and the other half discussing engagement) and we’d be happy to have you on board if you’d like support.

On topic, I invite people to join our ‘community’ rather than our ‘forum’.

(Joe Buhlig) #10

Sorry to resurrect this, but how do you reference it? I’m getting ready to launch my first discourse site and have been trying to figure out what to call it. Modern online discussion/conversation?