Company short/full name

(Mario) #1

In the settings there are the fields company short/full name. These are used in terms of service text.
I do not have a company yet. Legally, what is appropriate to write in these fields, for someone who does not have a company.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Those fields are used by the new site Wizard to modify your site TOS. You don’t have to fill them in. What you do need to do is visit and make sure that there are no "enter xyz here` or similar phrases in the text.

(Mario) #3

but “company short name” appears everywhere in the TOS. I cannot delete all of it, I have to enter something into these fields.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Right, but it doesn’t need to be a “legal company name”. For example, let’s say you had a website for “Amazing, really good, delicious apple pies”. That would be your long name. You could come up with a short name, like “Amazing apple pies”, or simply use your long name everywhere.

(Mario) #5

OK I got it, thanks.