Compatibility with IE11?

(Rushdie) #1

Found an old locked thread concerning compatibility with IE: Discourse 1.7.0.beta4 Internet Explorer compatibility?, but does not suitably address IE11.

Is this a known problem?

IE11 will not load (Amazon Seller Forums). We are only seeing a spinning refresh.


I don’t think the issue is relative to IE11 being supported as I have no issues anywhere when using IE11 - I think its more relative to it being a customisation your side that IE does not like - if you revert your HTML/CSS customisations do you have any issues with IE11 then?

It might be irrelevant but am seeing in the network requests its looking for HTTPS GET 404
and is unable to find it?

(Sam Saffron) #3

In general we do not offer support to any old versions of Discourse, you are going to want to be on stable or upwards. (we usually recommend beta)

Regarding your specific problem, does it occur in safe mode? see: How to use Discourse Safe Mode

(Rushdie) #4

This is related to user end problems, that cannot be corrected directly by posters.

So, if I understand correctly, Amazon forum administrators need to make the adjustments, since this is a user specific (Amazon Seller Forum), not a Discourse problem or bug.

An individual link will render properly, but when attempting to use other forum links, outside of the post, this is all we see:


that is correct - it needs to be done via the administrator

(Sam Saffron) #6

Yes, unfortunately Amazon are not a hosted customer of ours, we have no way of fixing anything on their site.

They control the upgrade cadence, they control the extensions and theme installed.

Unfortunately it looks like they are running an old version with some unfinished theme work.

Usually we work really hard with our customers to make sure stuff like this does not happen.

(Rushdie) #7

Excellent. That was the information we needed and will link back to this thread, for the correct response.

Thank you for promptly addressing the question.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

IE11 will be officially supported for … quite some time. There may be periodic regressions as IE11 is quite aged now, but we will endeavor to fix them as they come up.

It looks like the only viable EOL date for IE11 is

when MS stops supporting Windows 7 which is on January 14, 2020.

(You will, of course, need to be on latest Discourse for this to work.)