Complete Android (and iOS) app for making discourse discussions and not just to open discourse link in a browser

I would like to have a complete app that can

  • View discourse pages from the app
  • View pages offline
  • Edit drafts offline
  • Has the ability to use the discourse page as if I’m using it on a browser, etc.
    instead of an app that just has a link to the browser.

This would be very helpful for me and many others. Thanks.

You can create a new topic in the #marketplace with your budget if you want to sponsor someone to create it.


I’m not running a discourse site.
I meant, I needed an app to view discourse pages I’m participating in, like this
I am participating in a lot of forums, that’s why I said I needed an app to view them all and participate on them (not a browser).

You could use a pwa to android/ios app converter. All it take 10 minutes to build your android/ios app.