Compose window data entry section is shrunk to about 10 pixel height

(Joel Zaslofsky) #1

I have a user whose “Create a new topic” or “Reply” compose window limits her viewing area to about half a line. The screen shot below will show you what she sees whenever she tries to create or reply to a post.

The preview window displays fine and I’ve been unsuccessful in troubleshooting a resolution with her. She last used our forum on April 21, 2017 and we’ve since updated our Discourse version a few times between then and now.

Do you have a solution for this compose window UX problem?

Here’s some more tech info about her setup to help you help me troubleshoot this for my frustrated forum user:

  • OS: MacOS Sierra Ver 10.12.6
  • Browser: Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Hardware: Mac Mini circa late 2012 with 16GB Ram

(Régis Hanol) #2

Are you sure none of your custom CSS is doing this?

(Joel Zaslofsky) #3

We have other users using a similar combination of hardware and software that aren’t encountering the display issue.

I don’t know how I’d test if our custom CSS is the culprit unless I created a development clone of our Discourse install, removed the custom CSS, and had our user try to compose a post in that special environment. Do you have another method I might use to rule out anything specific to how we’ve customized Discourse?

(Sam Saffron) #4

What version of Discourse do you have installed? Are you on absolute latest?

What happens in safe mode (How to use Discourse Safe Mode)

(Joel Zaslofsky) #5

We’re running Discourse version 1.7.8 +4. I won’t be able to update to the latest version until we get a better test environment set up that’s integrated with the WordPress side of our community.

I had no idea Discourse had a safe mode. Neat!

Alas, I asked my user to access our site in full safe mode and she still had the tiny composer window issue.

(Joel Zaslofsky) #6

@zogstrip or @sam, is there something more I can test on the back-end or ask my user to try that might resolve her issue?

(Sam Saffron) #7

We do not debug these kind of issues on “stable” releases, only on tests-passed. It would be enormously unlikely we would backport this to stable anyway.