Composing interface is hard to use on iOS 8

(Ole Zorn) #1

The composing interface appears to be somewhat broken on iOS 8. When I create a new topic, the editor first appears at the bottom of the screen, as it should – but when I focus on the title or body field, the keyboard appears briefly, then disappears, and the entire page scrolls to the bottom, causing a new batch of posts to be loaded etc.

After that, it’s mostly usable, but still quite glitchy, especially when switching between the title and body fields or when using any of the editor toolbar buttons (the scroll position tends to jump around).

It seems to me that this is essentially a bug in Safari on iOS 8, as it doesn’t happen on iOS 7. For some reason, it seems to “forget” the fixed position of the composer popup when the keyboard is shown… I think this has been brought up before (can’t find it now), but since iOS 8 is no longer in beta, it would be great to at least have some sort of workaround. If it’s not possible to fix the current interface, I’d be fine with having a simplified version on iOS, e.g. showing the post editor on a separate page.

I’ve tested this mostly on an iPad, but the behavior is very similar on an iPhone.

Dealing with iOS 8 Mobile Safari bugs?
(Robin Ward) #2

This is indeed an iOS8 only bug. When you have fixed positioning, focusing on it will scroll all the way to the bottom (or top if it’s attached there.)

It’s quite a large problem. I’ve filled out a detailed bug report with Apple and many others online have reported the same thing.

Unfortunately there is no obvious workaround either, we are kind of screwed on it.

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see also

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I have a workaround in place for safari:

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We should continue to keep this open, I know we have workarounds, but maybe we’ll get lucky and iOS 9 will reduce the crazy here.

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Agree, honesty I prefer full screen on mobile its way more useful

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I fixed this stuff a while back and have been using iOS safari A LOT to compose posts …

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