Composing new message: old text shows in editor

(Bart) #1

I have the following issue on my Discourse installation, verified in several browsers:

  • I compose a new message and post it.
  • I start composing another message with the hotkey C, only to find the previous message in my editor.
  • I have to ‘cancel’ composing first before I can create a new message.

It’s important to notice that this only happens when I use the hotkey, not when I click the ‘New topic’ button. As I’m a bit of a keyboard monkey, that means I always get this :wink:

I’m on the latest version, is anyone else seeing this?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you reproduce on ? If so what are the exact steps.

(Bart) #3

Hey Sam,

sorry for the slow reply. I just tested this on and cannot reproduce it there. It DOES happen on though, using the exact same steps as described above. Tested in Firefox, Chrome, Safari on OSX (all latest versions).

What’s more: if I sign in on another browser and press C, it will bring up the same previous message as in my original browser, leading me to believe it’s not some cookie issue but maybe something in my session.

I have this issue on this site and on two of my own installations - press C, it brings up my last message instead of a clean message form.

Hope this helps!