Composing post keyboard shortcuts just stopped working!

(Caue Rego) #1
  1. New post
  2. Write something
  3. Select characters
  4. CMD + B (or any other shortkey)

Not sure if related to another recent bug fix (indeed it is fixed now).

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

Yep, I just upgraded my forum to v1.5.0.beta5 +9 and none of the shortcuts in the compose field are working anymore. Same on this forum. I’m using Firefox on Windows at the moment.

Some of them, like Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I now trigger Firefox actions (these both open the bookmarks side panel). Maybe that’s also the case for Ctrl+K, but I don’t know what it does. The only thing I notice is that it causes the compose field to lose focus.


Mmm I’m missing the old composer :frowning:

(Robin Ward) #4

Looking into it now.

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #5

And the “insert link” now insert the URL together instead of use [0] systems :weary:

(cpradio) #6

Old news, see this discussion

(Robin Ward) #7

A recent pull request regressed this. I’ve fixed it, and added a test to make sure it can’t regress again.

Note: Testing keyboard events is really hard!

(Robin Ward) #8