Concept Proposal: Aggregation of notifications per topic

(lid) #1

##The concept

  • A topic title only show once in the notifications area
  • Each notification type - gets a button with a link to the related post
  • New notification is marked blue
  • Old is just gray so you still know it is a button
  • Each notification under a topic is ordered by time. (new is left most)
  • If two notifications are from the same user on the same post and they are no longer new they can join to one button

###The good

  • The user gets to see in a more organized way the notifications per topic, allow the user easily see whats going on a the topic.

  • it reduces some repetitiveness and might make the view easier to read

###The bad

  • The concept is topic oriented so the user lose the chronological order of notifications on the macro. which might not make a big impact on the functionality.

The ugly

  • the concept can use some more design improvements.

##Compare to the current notification area

I belive if this concept will be implemented somewhere in the future, it should be a configurable option as I believe it is subjective preference.

What do you think which view to you prefer more?

(Bill Ayakatubby) #2

I like it, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. If I get a dozen likes, will it just show a dozen names under each topic title? I’d think it would have to. I don’t think they could be rolled up, because two or three of those likers might also have replied.

  2. How would this differentiate between individual posts in a given topic? For example, say I have four posts in a given topic, and you like three of them. How would that be displayed?

(lid) #3

By the default I will say yes.

  1. Yes the idea is not to lose information we already have. You are still going to be able to tell which user and what action he did based on the icon.

2.Each like under the same topic from the same user will result in 3 different buttons.
when you know that each button is for a different post it will make more sense.

The only 2nd level optimization that I suggested for now is for old notification That are on the same post and are from the same user. They are pointing to same post in the topic anyway, they can be merged like so

new and old notifications should not be merged to allow the user to know precisely of a new notification.

I hope I am making sense.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Personally I think that before we muck with this area we should clean up our user “all” stream, its a huge mess now.

(Tuan Anh Tran) #5

i dont really like this concept. though the current one might be a mess, it’s still easier on the eyes than what the concept proposes.