Confirmation/Activation Mail link action problem

Hi There

I installed discourse using the Install guide.

I noticed that the action invoked by the link in the Confirmation/Activation Mail is not happening.

Example 1: As admin I sent an invite to a new user (my regular mail). Using the regular mail I signed up. Then I received a mail indicating I need to activate the account. After clicking on the link, the account was till not activated… nothing helped. After logging out as the regular user, I had to log in by mail in order to get logged in.

Example 2: As admin user I want to “Grant Admin” to another user. After pressing the button, I receive the following a mail confirming i am the admin. When pressing the link “Confirm Administrator Account”, I am being sent to a web page where I have a button: “Grant Admin Access”. Pressing that I am being sent to the main/home page of my discourse site, but the user I wanted to make Admin is still not admin…

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Guys

Does your site https? Is force https enabled in settings?

It’s likely that something is screwing up your links, have you compared the URLs to your site URL?

Is anything else on the server?

It seems to be a bug in the latest version: 2.2.0.beta4
In the meantime I installed version v2.1.3 and there everything seems to work.

Also, the web page I landed on after clicking on the link in the mail, had the logo HUGE on top covering part of the text…

Could this be more JavaScript regressions @joffreyjaffeux? These confirm pages are a bit weird, maybe give them a quick test?

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Note that you cannot expect this to work. You need to use two different web browsers, or incognito mode in a separate window. You cannot be simultaneously logged in as two different users in the same web browser.

Please note that I always logged out one user in order to really test the use case.
When i did not log out the admin user and tried the link for the other user the landing page described the problem correctly.

It’s working fine on instances here. If you have two instances at different levels the code level isn’t the only thing which may differ. Misconfiguration can and does cause this too.

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That would make the recent js updates irrelevant


Possibly I just wanted to quickly check


Yes agreed it was a totally reasonable assumption :stuck_out_tongue:

I also just checked on a local instance and couldn’t reproduce, no errors in the console during the process and the user got added as expected.


Hi Guys

Thanks for the quick replies, you are awesome.
I will stick with v2.1.3 for the time being.

Thanks !