Confluence Questions vs Discourse

Confluence questions is already in place as well as Discourse.
Now one of them has to go!
Which and why would we stay with Discourse? Is there even a way to migrate from Confluence Questions to Discourse vice versa…?!

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People here mostly think that Discourse is the way to go. The question answer plugin you’ll want to check out, as it adds functionality that you’ll likely want. You have both installed so you can see which you like better. describes stuff about the migration process. I don’t see a confluence migration tool in github. I think that I might have done a confluence migration before, so I might have a script lying around. If you have a budget you can connect) contact me or post in #marketplace.


Thank you for your answer. So it doesnt seem that simple to migrate from either platform…

Anyways, is there some huge advantage of Discourse over Confluence Questions?

Knowing nothing about your use case / needs and what you think so far from testing both, hard to say re: specific features.

But generally, a huge benefit of Discourse is that it’s open source, so you can use plugins, extend in any way you like if you have the resources, etc. And depending how many users you have, looks like Discourse may be substantially cheaper.