Confusing "Post can't be empty"

I get this from discobot:

Excellent! Now you can easily find your way back to our private conversation any time, right from the bookmarks tab on your profile [link to private Discourse instance redacted]. Just select your profile picture at the upper right :arrow_upper_right:

Next, can you share one of these links with me? Reply with a link on a line by itself , and it’ll automatically expand to include a nifty summary.

To copy a link, tap and hold on mobile, or right click your mouse:

A user not familiar outside Discourse with the right-click function ends up dragging over the text to select it and clicking Reply. Because Discourse quotes what the user has selected, this produces markup similar to the following, which does have the link on its own line.

[quote="discobot, post:5, topic:4xxx"]

However, attempting to submit this reply produces an error message “Post can’t be empty”.

Fifteen minutes later:

Hey @username, just checking in because I haven’t heard from you in a while.

  • To continue, reply to me any time.

User replies, not including a link because the last time the user tried to include a link, an error message blocked the post from going through.

Discobot replies:

Sorry, I couldn’t find the link in your reply! :cry:

Can you try adding the following link, on its own line, in your next reply?

User again drags across the URL to select it and clicks “Reply”. Again, “Post can’t be empty”.

Is it desirable to make this flow more understandable for users who are not already familiar with the right mouse button, such as users of Mac computers, or for users who are not aware of the rule that the reply button quotes the selected text yet the user must add something outside the quotation?

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How does this person copy and paste anything? Do they never copy and paste?

I’d say if this person has never right clicked, then they should simply skip the tutorial altogether.