Connexion refused

(Loadriku) #1

Hello !

I’m a beginner adminsys and I’ve installed a discourse instance one month ago (docker + lighttpd proxy). The discourse instance worked so well but after some problems in the community, I had to move the forum to an other domain name. So I made the migration in lighttpd (by the lighttpd.conf), and I’ve recompiled the docker instance for change mails settings.

But today, when I would connect to my discourse account (SSO isn’t configured or any other system connexion …), I simply can’t because with my actual IP. With a mail of password change, I can connect. But I don’t understand from where the problem is. I’ve used discourse days and days and suddently, I can’t connect from my IP … behind the lighttpd proxy ?! Discourse have only registered the IP of the server. Just an other IP appeared in “Adresse IP enregistrées” in my admin profil (Sorry guys, I’m french …).

I hope I was clear. What can I do to restore my connexion ? Fault to dynamic IP of my router ? Sorry if this dumb question.

(Kane York) #2

Sounds like you didn’t set up the X-Forwarded-For header in lighttpd correctly, so when a spammer got banned, it blocked all users.

(Loadriku) #3

… Right ! Okay, I’ve unlock the IP but I didn’t found any solution in google about X-Forwarded-For (for lighttpd), here my configuration :

$HTTP["host"] =~ "^forum" {
    ssl.engine = "disable"
    extforward.headers = ("X-Real-Ip")
    proxy.debug = 1
    proxy.server = (
          "" => ((
            "host" => "",
            "port" => 10080