Considering Hosting Discourse


I’m putting out a feeler here wondering if there’s enough interest for a host-managed $15/m Discourse plan that provides send-only mail.

I’m a junior system admin who has been installing Discourse for the last couple of years. I’m optioning building a server capable of hosting a dozen instances and housing it in a local datacenter.

It will be properly configured, and kept up to date with the latest security patches. You get an instance with a generous amount of resources. I’m thinking in the range of 2-3GB of ram, 10GB of SSD, and 3 unicorn workers. Basically enough for a medium sized forum.

Mail will be send only, and connected to a domain I choose to advertise the service. I don’t have the means to automate the whole process, but can commit to provisioning service same day, checking for new requests my morning, afternoon, and evening times.

If I receive enough interest I’ll start ordering parts to put a server together.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Warning, the last person to try this unfortunately had to force himself to disappear from the planet due to over committing. You can look it up in the hosting category if you are curious.

Just don’t blow yourself up by over promising and racing to the bottom. The ground is hard and unforgiving…


You do realize I’m the same individual, right? I thought that would be rather obvious. ProDiscourse was an admittedly janky design that took me to the brink.

This is a much easier setup. I mean, my system was ready to roll pretty easy without trying to set everything up for automation. Taking that out of the equation makes this look like cake!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Lol, no I did not :laughing: well, here’s to the second time around, and glad to see you back!