Constantly hitting rubygems rate limits


When bootstrapping new Discourse containers I’m constantly hitting the rate limits.

I’ve tried setting up gemstash instance but even that doesn’t help enough it seems. Is there anyway to cache more rubygems data locally when bootstrapping containers?

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(Matt Palmer) #2

Gemstash is the way to go, and if you’re still hitting the rate limits, either you’re not actually using the gemstash server, or something else on your network is tripping things up. We do a lot of container builds here, we hit directly, and the rate limits aren’t a problem for us, so you’re doing something extremely unusual.


The only thing on this box is the Discourse install (single site) so I’m not sure whats going on. It seems to install everything fine and only partially hit rate limits during the stage where it gets info from the API?

Its a Linode box if that changes anything, but Discourse is literally the only thing on this machine. I’ve only noticed it because I’m currently debugging unicorn dying every night around midnight.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Hmm, might be worth checking with to find out what’s going on.