Copy / clone a theme?

(DjCyry) #1

How can i copy a full css theme of a website ?
I see various themes , and i want to copy them and then edit them for my forum .
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(Felix Freiberger) #2

I’d try to avoid doing that, even if it’s just for copyright reasons.
That being said, if you want to find out how anything special was accomplished, your browser’s inspector can easily reveal all CSS code matching a specific element :slight_smile:

(DjCyry) #3

Yeah but i think that is not showing you all modificacions . I have try it with :nerd_face: and after add that css on my forum , is was not like there , i dont know why …

(Felix Freiberger) #4

It definitely shows you all modification that apply to the element you selected – but modifications could depend on changes to other elements to look correct.
We have a few CSS wizards here on Meta :sparkles:, so if you have questions on how to achive any specific modification you want to have, you’ll most likely get a helpful response :slight_smile: