Cordova mobile app

(Ajay Pal Singh) #1

So I created a mobile app with Cordova.
Just basic cordova project and added some native plugins + edited the www/index.html to add Discourse website link.

Then I tried running the app on emulator/phone
However, when I login with twitter/facebook. It opens the twitter/facebook, completes the login and then comes to screen

I am not able to close the window as there is no close button.
Any help?


It may not be what you are after, but have you tried with the system browser?

$ discourseUrl , '_system', options)

I have been playing with this idea as well. I can do a standard login from the Cordrova Browser App, but one thing I discovered is that I cannot access the camera Roll from the +Topic [upload] link. I am guessing you will need to do something with cordova.plugin-camera but I haven’t tried.

(Ajay Pal Singh) #3

will try
I left that for now, but will keep this in mind when I try again