Core Web Vitals Imminent

Hi all. Just wanted to check in here to see what if anything I can do to improve my Discourse forum to prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) algorithm update (coming next month). I am currently on 2.6.0.beta1 and considering upgrading to 2.7.0.beta5 if there is potentially any gain there. Upgrading is somewhat painful, so if there’s anything in the pipeline that might address the CWV update, I would probably opt to wait. I’m also curious if anyone is running a plugin free / wrapper free version of Discourse and achieving better results than we are (if so, what version are you on)? It would help to be able to diagnose the issue. Maybe it’s my server (and not Discourse), so it would be helpful to know if anyone is achieving better results so I can compare my setup. Thanks!

Here’s the current picture, which is concerning (traffic from Google is what keeps our forum alive):

There are not any changes regarding those metrics, but since 2.6.0.beta1 we had quite a few security related commits, so you should update ASAP.


Why is upgrading painful? Do you have non standard plugins that roll break?

Though there is now a database update that can get complicated, but works without problem for most people.

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Yup. Usually a few hours work to just make sure everything is still working. Usually stuff related to the national flag plugin and some of the plugin code we wrote to import some custom graphs into people’s profile cards…

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Thanks for the heads up … will do!