Correcting multiple usernames associated with one email address

(Stephen Nock) #1

I have an end user who has two accounts associated with his email. The only difference in the accounts is that one character is uppercase in the email address of the second account.

username 1: FirstLast email 1: first123 [domain]
username 2: First_Last email 2: firSt123 [domain]

The user would prefer to only have one account, the original “username 1”.

My first corrective action was to disable the second account and send a re-activation email for the original account. When using “email 1” to log in to the original account, it opens “username 2”.

I asked the user to clear his cache. Same issue.

I deleted the posts and account associated with username/email 2. I sent another re-activation email to username/email 1.

The Activation email led to the original account, as intended. After logging out, the subsequent log-in attempt re-created and logged the user into the second account. The posts were still deleted from the second account.

I attempted to change the email address associated with the second account to a third, private email address. The user was still able to open the second account, despite the fact that the email had been changed and verified for the second account.

I suspended the account for username/email 2 for the maximum number of days (999?). The subsequent log-in attempt redirected the user to the main page, without logging in.

What gives?

How can I properly and indefinitely deactivate the second account and allow the user to access the original account and associated posts. He only has one email address to log in.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you on an old version of Discourse? As of V1 and later, emails are no longer case sensitive.

But they were case sensitive in old beta versions.

(Stephen Nock) #3

Thanks for the reply. We’re pre-1.0 at the moment, which would explain the original issue. Aside from re-deploying, is there another solution? I’m still perplexed why my attempts to limit the account access and change email addresses haven’t helped.

(Stephen Nock) #4

@codinghorror any idea of a temporary fix / alternate solution until we can upgrade past V1?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Any ideas @neil? Workarounds?

(Neil Lalonde) #6

You’ll have to change the email of the second account manually, to something like "" that won’t match a real email. Something like

psql -d database_name -c "update users set email = '' where email = ''"

(Stephen Nock) #7

Thanks @neil and @codinghorror. It seems like the second account has been properly deprecated, but the user can no longer log in to his original account. It’s still active. I’ve even tried sending a re-activation email, but when he accesses the link, it brings him to our forum as a guest / not logged in.

Other thoughts to get the original account working again? I’d hate to suggest that he makes a third account with a different email address.