CORS from localhost not working

(Thomas K. Running) #1

I send some HTTP/XHR GET requests from my blog (Jekyll) to my Discourse forum to keep track of who’s logged in or not, and to show notifications from Discourse on my blog to logged in users. It works fine on production, but when running Jekyll @ localhost I’m getting this error even when a user is logged in to the community:

I’ve added http://localhost:4000 and http://jekyll.test:4000 to the CORS setting in Discourse, and the error isn’t actually complaining about CORS being the issue. If I try to do the same from a domain not listed in the CORS setting (e.g. other.test:4000), I get these errors:

I also tried it through a ngrok tunnel, but that’s not working either.

Also, the embedded comments aren’t working on anything but production either, event though I’ve allowed all the relevant localhost & ngrok domains in the Customize > Embedding settings.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?