CORS issue on iOS Safari

Recently starting seeing this CORS error on a privately hosted (digitalocean) Discourse installation, only in iOS Safari. It is perhaps causing a failure to render (white screen) on devices with slow connection.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load <discourse_domain>/message-bus/13f8b4fdf79449a2932f19b6bc7d5e97/poll due to access control checks.

(<discourse_domain> is the domain discourse is running on).

There are a few plugins installed on the instance, however the plugins haven’t substantially changed (only stylistically) since the error started appearing.

Any suggestions / hints on how to tackle this would be appreciated!

Since there is a site setting that allows you to serve message bus in a different domains from the main site, did you check to see if isn’t this what’s happening?

You mean long polling base url ? Nah, it’s set to /

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Cool just checking. Can you repro on Meta? Meta is deployed exactly like one would do on Digital Ocean.


I’m intermittently getting these errors on meta on iOS Safari (screenshot from the logs of Safari running an iPhone attached to my comp)

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