Costom header- disable fixed discourse top bar

(Simon Daum) #1

Hello everyone I recently installed Discourse on a german website=) yay!!

So i added a custom header for my website navigation -that works! BUT
when i Scroll, the header clips on the browser window. i want to disable this.

someone can help me that the header does not scroll with the browser windows?

regards & thanks =)

(Kane York) #2

There should be instructions on this in the Admin Quick Start Guide topic.

EDIT: It seems this isn’t translated. I’ll paste it in here:

Customize Logos and Colors

By default you get the standard “penciled in” Discourse logo. Look for the as
sets for the site design
topic; follow the ins
tructions there to upload your logos to that topic, and then paste the uploaded
image paths into the required logo settings.

To quickly give your Discourse a distinctive look, without having to edit or und
erstand CSS, create a new color scheme via [Customize, Colors](/admin/custom

You can also specify custom CSS and custom HTML headers/footers to further customize the look. One common request is a navigation header that takes you back to the parent site. Here is some example HTML to put in Customize, CSS/HTML under “Header”:

<div id="top-navbar" class="container">
<span id="top-navbar-links" style="height:20px;">
  <a href="">Home</a> | 
  <a href="">About</a> | 
  <a href="">News</a> | 
  <a href="">Products</a> | 
  <a href="">Blog</a> | 
  <a href="">Forums</a>