Could I show the best posts in a seperate view like WordPress?

(徐徐浩) #1

Hello, everyone:

For me, discourse is a good place to create posts and discuss, but it’s not so good at showing the posts.
I am wondering if it’s possible to show the selected best posts on a separate view, for example WordPress?
I know there is an extension WP-discourse, it seems that it supports to publish the posts on WP to discourse, not the other way.
Or is it possible or easy to create a beautiful post like the top POST on Medium?

(Simon Cossar) #2

It’s possible, I’ve done something like that by applying styles to a ‘blog’ class. This takes the first image and turns it into a header image.

Blog post plugin
(徐徐浩) #3

That looks really nice. Could you give me your site address? Would you like to share with me your styles?

(Simon Cossar) #4

The site is private right now, but I can share the styles. I’ll put them up here soon.

(徐徐浩) #5

Thanks very much, you are really nice.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #6

If you wanna go this route, you could consider buying the commercial plugin Twig Anything by @meglio, assuming it’s still being maintained against the latest version of Discourse.

(mountain) #7

If you want to showcase the best posts, then the curated home plugin may also be a possible option to explore too. You may have to edit a substantial amount of its source code as Discourse’s own code base changed so much since that plugin was last updated.