Could/Is there be a 'class/category' named 'Read Later'

If user wants to read a topic but he hasn’t got the time right now.
And he doesn’t want to bookmark this topic among those topics which he has already read and wants to segregate this as ‘topics-to-be-read-in-his-free-time’. Is there a way to do this?

They can enable the defer option and once they select that, a notification will appear at the top right corner and it won’t leave, unless dismissed by the user.

You can find this in the preferences section:


This is a good work around.
But its not the same as ‘Read-Later’ list.

Because ‘unread’ list will include many other topics, in which I may not be interested, or may be less interested than those ones which I specifically want to read in my free time some day (I don’t want to miss those topics at all, but haven’t got the time right now).

But, still I’d say that 75% solution is there in the shape of ‘deferred=unread’ topics.
And your solution has also given me another idea as to why not mark that topic as ‘Tracking/watching’.


There are some improvements planned to bookmarks in the 2.5 release:

Perhaps that will cover use cases such as this.


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