Could the labels be better here? [Just an opinion]

Here the page-views shown are for the end of the 7-days period. I.e. 5.8k page views are for last 7 days (7-days period which ended today). And the 4.1k pop-up is the data is of 7 days, which ended 7 days ago, i.e.,
4.1k : Week that went week ago. [not 2 weeks ago].

Just an opinion, which might not be good enough to make the change.


  • Here on the admin page, ‘You’re up to date!’ is shown even when its possible to do some updates for discourse and for plugins to newer builds.

and, less importantly,

  • ‘Perform Upgrades Here’ is shown even when there are no upgrades to be done.

In other words, this page can’t help the user decide whether there are any newer builds/updates available or not. The admin HAS TO go to the ‘upgrades’ page and check whether any updates are actually available!


I believe “you’re up to date” only tracks beta releases… if it were to more closely follow the tests-passed branch it would almost never show “up to date”

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It looks like the tooltip for the 7-day period follows the pattern of the yesterday period but it should probably ideally follow the pattern of the 30-day period instead, i.e. Was x in the previous 7 day period.

Would you tell a bit more in detail pls? Do you mean that when it shows ‘You’re up to date’, does it mean that I’m up to date up to the current beta release, but not up to same level as ‘tests-passed’ release?

I disagree.
‘Yesterday’ means the day which ended today morning (or yesterday night).
‘Last 7’ means the 7 days period which just ended today morning (or yesterday night). And on similar lines,
‘14 days ago’ means the period which ended 14 days ago. And here lies the confusion!!!

But still I came to agree that there is no much better wording (that is as short as the current one).

I was referring to the current structure of the sentence in the tooltip. Yesterday reads Was x two days ago and Last 7 reads Was x two weeks ago, they follow the same pattern. That pattern reads naturally for yesterday but is ambiguous for last 7 days.

The pattern used for Last 30, however, is Was x in the previous 30 day period. This pattern would be accurate for Last 7’s tooltip with Was x in the previous 7 day period.

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yes, in the end, I find that even though technically the current wording ‘two weeks ago’ might be wrong.

But there is no better alternative which was as brief and as clear as it is now.