Countdown Timer

(Rob) #1

Hi there,

Can anyone explain to me as I am not good on tech things of placing code in the right place. I want to put a countdown timer at the top of our community It’s been requested by some of our members. The community is very new but we are building up quite nicely now :slight_smile:

Also any help with regards to how exactly do step by step to give a custom color for the usernames of Moderators and Admins. We are all set after that :slight_smile:

Thanks again

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

You can add a iframe on the top space for something like this. Would this work?

You can do this with Customize -> CSS.

.topic-body .username.moderator a {
    color: red;

(Rob) #3

Hey thanks a lot Falco much appreciated. I shall have a go at doing it on the community :slight_smile:

(Rob) #4

I made the timer, just not sure the exact part I need to paste this code in:

Sorry for being a pain!

(Rob) #5

Don’s suppose anyone would put the timer code in the correct place for me, I also tried to make the moderators Red it worked but messed up the background image so I had to revert it back. I must be putting it in the wrong place.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

I’m currently on Windows playing Overwatch, when I get back to Linux I’ll fire up my instance and help you out.

(Rob) #7

Hey thanks so much :slight_smile: Really appreciate it.

(Kane York) #8

You want to go Admin Panel, Customize, CSS/HTML, New, Top. URL should look like /admin/customize/css_html/10/top at the end of that. Then paste the iframe code in, maybe inside a <div align=center> ... </div>.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Is there anyone in your community with knowledge of HTML and CSS? Could they assist? It will be difficult to get far without someone who has decent skills in basic HTML and CSS.

(Rob) #10

Not at the moment, I am trying to add it, but don’t want to mess it up I tried once and had to revert quick it did not work.

(Rob) #11

If anyone could help embedding the timer for us it would be great :slight_smile:
Sorry to be a pain, wish I knew exactly where to put the code but don’t want to make a mess.


What happened when you put it exactly where riking told you to put it?

(Rob) #13

I lost my custom background, so must of put it in the wrong place. It is reverted now so fine, just not sure where to put the timer code.


But did the countdown timer show up?

What custom code do you already have there for your background?

(Rob) #15

No it did not show up for me, I took pics of the code hope it helps. Thanks


The directions riking gave you say to put the iframe in the Top section, not the CSS section.

(Rob) #17

I was not sure about it, let me try that so where it says Top just paste the code in?

(Kane York) #18

Yeah, if you pasted it in the CSS section that would not work :sweat_smile:

Yeah just plop it in the box for “Top” and see what happens.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #19

Step 1:

Step 2:

(Rob) #20

Thanks so much trying it now. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Oh also I tried to change the color of moderator text the same way putting it in main css which did not work Do I need to put that in a different place too?