Country-specific locale

(Daniel Gagnon) #1

Would it be possible to have localization that is country-specific (as in en-us, en-uk, en-ca, fr-fr, fr-ca, etc.)?

The locale that interests me personally is fr-ca. We have a different body defining the official rules of the language (Office québécois de la langue française) than France (Académie de la langue française) and some of the language is different and incompatible.

Some words are not the same, the punctuation is different, and so on.

I also read on the topic that the translators want to change some bit of US specific legaleses in the default texts by some France specific ones. That also ought to be country-specific.

Of course, I’d like if it was possible to default to the base language localization and only mark the differences rather than duplicate a lot of work for no gain.

British English locale
(Sander Datema) #2

If it’s a globally recognized abbreviation, then yes. Just ask to add it as a language to the Transifex project. For example, for Dutch there is nl_NL (Netherlands) and nl_BE (Belgium).

Edit: oh wait, you already knew that. It seems your point is that one locale is used in different coutries and they use it differently? I think I don’t understand the question after all. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Gagnon) #3

I asked the question because there’s currently only generic locales so maybe there’s a technical reason why it’s the case.

Do I ask here to add locales or somewhere in Transifex?

Edit: Made a Transifex account, found it, requested it. Thanks