Couple of questions: category avatars and commercial categories

(Mick Ryan) #1

Hi Discourse Team,

I’m thinking of installing Discourse for our new photo location website: (just published our first book).

The objective is to create a forum where people can share their locations for taking landscape photography, ask questions about where the best locations for landscape photography are in a particular area (we will have area categories for different areas) and also to share the photographs they have taken.

I have a few questions.

First: is the bandwidth going to go through the roof with people posting lots of photos.

Second: People have avatars, can forum categories have avatars?

And the biggie:. I used to be advertising manager (and editor) at a climbing website: UKClimbing

At UKClimbing there is a very busy forum built from the ground-up: UKC Forums

This is split into categories. One category is Premier Posts: a forum where you have to pay-to-post, from selling used climbing gear to big companies - like Black Diamond - advertising their new products or events.

Five Premier posts rotate at the top of an individuals latest forums - or you can go and see all Premier posts at: can’t post link but you will find it…!!!

Posters pay by credit card for these Premier posts and it is/was a significant revenue stream.

Is such a pay-to-post system possible within a Discourse forum?

Thanks for all your great work.


(Mick Ryan) #2

Also any plans to have at the top of the forums how many people are at the fora? Or is this available already?



(Adnan) #3

You can add category logo and background image.


(Made some edits to my answer).

People will be sharing landscape pictures. I assume there will be lots of large files hosted and many calls to display those images. If you host on S3 for a while you will not be charged but that goes out the window and all of a sudden you are going to see a hefty bill for storage/retrieval hit your credit card on file (surprise!). I looked at this a while back and I can tell you the billing will be difficult to stomach. after that, I am not sure about the billing since I never fell out of the free tier.

I’m tempted to tell you to break off a bigger digitalocean hosting slice and host those images locally. This may not help on the view side as bandwidth will be used either way (requesting images from your discourse host server or some other service would be same. The only difference being the image offload storage).

Discourse (the company) offers hosting. In your situation it might make sense to talk to Jeff or Sam about your situation with images.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It should not since we auto-thumbnail large images.

So just browsing a topic with lots of images will only show the small thumbnails. Now if lots of users click or tap on those images to expand them, then yes. But probably unlikely.

Not at this time, no, but sounds like a good plugin request for the future.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Perhaps you could simply add paying users to a group and then only allow that group to post in a category, that is doable now


Good to know, Sam!

The key missing ingredient that I haven’t found yet, is way to setup a commercial subscription that automatically managed a user’s groups. So they get access (group) when they have paid and have it removed when they haven’t. Native vB has had support for this from at least VB 3. Is this supported somehow in Discourse??

In my VB forum, I added custom code into the commercial category that would prompt non-commercial users and asked them to explain why it wasn’t a commercial post. (If I didn’t agree I deleted their post, later).

I’m guessing that feature doesn’t exist and I would need to implement via a plugin.

The other thing that would be really nice, but not essential I 'spose, is a way to charge by the post volume. Pay-per-post (via Stripe or Memberful, ideally) would be really nice. Alas, another plugin.

(Kane York) #8

Memberful has an integration to manage gruop membership. Integrate Discourse with Memberful


Sweet! Anybody know of any forums using this?