"Crazy in Love" badge - numbers are "hardcoded" in the text despite the likes-limit variance

(Anton) #1

The badge says:

This badge is granted when you use all 50 of your daily likes for 20 days. Wow! You’re a model of regularly encouraging your fellow community members!

However, how many likes I can give depends on my trust level. So the description looks confusing.

(Sam Saffron) #2
      SELECT gdl.user_id, current_timestamp AS granted_at
      FROM given_daily_likes AS gdl
      WHERE gdl.limit_reached
        AND (:backfill OR gdl.user_id IN (:user_ids))
      GROUP BY gdl.user_id
      HAVING COUNT(*) >= 20

limit_reached is set to true when:

('limit_reached = false AND likes_given >= :limit', limit: SiteSetting.max_likes_per_day)

So the description is correct, unless you muck around with max_likes_per_day, in which case you would need to override the translation.

(Jeff Atwood) #3