Create a category with restricted access

(PJH) #1
  • admin/groups/custom > +New
  • Fill out name (groupA, groupB) and other stuff Save, add members if required (could be done later, either on this page or individual users’ admin pages) + Add:

  • Go to each category page (u, v, w, x, y, z) , :hammer: Edit > Security > Edit Permissions

  • Select your new group (groupA, groupB) from the drop down, Select Create/Reply/See (or one of the others if necessary) > Add Permission

  • Delete the Everyone permission

  • Save Category

Note that Admins (but not mods) can see all categories regardless of those settings.

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(Kane York) #2

Should we promote this into a [howto] topic?

(PJH) #3

Probably needs renaming if so - it is rather specific in what it’s describing.