Create another website along with Discourse on same server

(Michael Solomon) #1

Continuing the discussion from Blog on subfolder in discourse:

I have discourse at and want to host a blog at
How can I do that?

(Kane York) #2

(Michael Solomon) #3

I tried this but I dunno why it’s not working for me… I always get Nginx’s default page.

(Kane York) #4

Did you set up a new “server” block with a server_name ?

At this point, you can use generic nginx tutorials to advance. The server is yours to do with as you please :wink:

(Michael Solomon) #5

I followed your instructions like a good student… Lol

(Kane York) #6

When I load I get Discourse now, so did you figure it out?

I thought that tryblog was where you wanted to host the blog, though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael Solomon) #7

WTF :s when I enter from private window(incognito) I get discourse but from regular window I get the default page… ugly browser cache?
This is just a experimental VM because I destroyed my discourse in previous try 0_0
I think I’ll put the discourse on the main domain( and my blog on subdomain( there is no problem with that right?