Create Topic CSS messed up

(bryanlarsen) #1

I just installed discourse to using the docker installation method. It mostly works, except that the “Create Topic” dialog box is messed up. The button bar is vertical instead of horizontal, and the text/previous areas are not visible.

I’d post a screenshot, but it claims that I’m a new user even though I’ve had an account here since June 2013.

My installation is pretty standard The only differences that I can think of are that I’m proxying through nginx and I restored the forum from a backup of our existing forum at

(Neil Lalonde) #2

That problem was just fixed about 1 hour ago. Update again and it’ll be fixed.

(bryanlarsen) #3

I can fix the CSS locally in Chrome’s developer tools by changing #reply-control .wmd-controls left and right from auto to 30px.

(bryanlarsen) #4

yes, that did it. Thank you @neil

(Jeff Atwood) #5