Creating a category for a group

(Gaz Hs) #1

I was hoping to be able to create a private group of users who have their own category (hidden from other users).

According to some posts on this forum, this is theoretically possible, however it doesn’t actually work. Category permissions can only be based on trust level.

Is there some extra plugin or something that would allow for private categories with permissions based on group instead of trust level?

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

It is already available. You can set permissions based on groups (not just trust level).

(Gaz Hs) #3

Oh ok. But… I can’t. Is there something special you need to do first?

I created a group and added members, but when creating a category it doesn’t show in the list of options (i.e. security, where trust level is).

(Gaz Hs) #4

OK, this was addressed in another thread I just bumped.

Looks like you can do this, but the category cannot be new, it must be existing and then when you go back and edit it the groups show up.

(Tobias Eigen) #5

This is precisely how groups and categories works. :slight_smile: Create a group and add a few people to it. Then create a new category or edit an existing category. Under the SECURITY tab, you can set up which groups have read and/or write access to the category. Looks like the screenshot below - in this case it’s the namati_staff group only that has access to the private category,

Note that this doesn’t work for the lounge as indicated when you try to edit it.