Creating a non address bar bookmark for iOS

I figured I would make a post here to see if we have any luck. I am trying to figure out how to get the bookmark on an iphone where it doesnt show the adress bar and the status bar on the bottom. I have tried to add to home screen and it still shows the address bar

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This is part of the PWA spec, we explicitly do not opt in to hiding the bar at the moment cause some users can be a bit startled when they lose out on back / forward navigation.

Apple made PWAs a thing earlier this year Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here 🚀 - Maximiliano Firtman - Medium but there are still tons of bugs, so we are waiting 1/2 releases till it is more polished and feature complete prior to adopting it.


this cant be right. I think we are talking about different things, this used to work on my old version prior to upgrading to business.

I don’t remember exactly when we added the controls back but I do vaguely recall it happening @Falco do you remember what happened here?

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Also more info at:


this worked 4 days ago, it was when you used to add a bookmark to the home screen. However when I do it now since I cannot login to it anymore, it creates a bookmark with the status bar and address bar which doesnt look the best. I have even tried to use the discourse app to achieve the app look for it