Creating a topic where permission does not exist assumes uncategorised

(James Milligan) #1

I’ve put this as ux as I don’t think it’s a bug per se, but something that might want to be made a bit more “obvious” to end users.

Clicking “Create Topic” in a category where you don’t have permission to do so (for example, blog or plugins here on Meta), still shows the editor, but with uncategorised as the category. Some (most?) end users won’t notice this, so their post will end up in the “wrong” place.

Couple of options I can think of:

  1. Hide the create topic button where a user doesn’t have permission to create a topic
  2. Throw up some sort of message (like the “Your topic is similar to…” box) notifying them that they can’t post in the category, but can select another one


"Why Not Create a topic?" in category without topic creating permissions
(PJH) #2
  1. Disable Uncategorised if you don't need it?

(James Milligan) #3

Another option, but doesn’t stop users “missing” their post going into a different category to the one they thought they were posting in.

(PJH) #4

Their post doesn’t go anywhere with that option set.

They get a

Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 403 Forbidden

error and they then have the option to select a category to which they can post. Or discard their post if they don’t want to post it anywhere else.

(probus) #5

That error message needs some love.

(PJH) #6

Probably missed since it’s seen so rarely; the option described is on by default so most won’t even be in a position to even replicate it.

(James Milligan) #7

I think if the error was improved, that would be great, but the issue still remains of a user posting into a different category with no real warning.

(Xavier Fontcuberta Estrada) #8

Hi all (this is my first post).

Please see this screenshot: UX Discourse - Create Topic - Google Drawings

The user has permissión only to “See” the category shown on it (named “¿Cómo funciona gRole”, in blue).

However, she can still see the Create Topic grey button on the right, and most troublesome, the “There are no more ¿Cómo funciona gRole? topics. Why not create a topic?” in the bottom.

If she does so, she would have the editing window open, inviting her to create the topic… but it would do so as Uncategorised.

We found this really missleading, because the user will think most of the times she will be able to open a nez topic on that category.

(I hope this feedback will help and that this is the correct topic where to write it) :slight_smile:

(Daniel Smith) #9

I’ve taken a stab at this and submitted a pull request.